The Committee


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Tom Dane - Treasurer

I had my first dance lessons in 1999 while studying in Germany and subsequently competed in waltz for Bristol University. A few years later I discovered the Same-Sex dance scene in London and went on to compete in the Eurogames in Barcelona, Helsinki and Stockholm and the World Outgames in Miami as well as smaller Same-Sex competitions across Europe. While I enjoy the challenge of competing, it is the warmth and friendliness of the Same-Sex scene that keeps me dancing and I have made many friends as a result.  I was elected to the UKSSDC committee in 2018 and took over the role of treasurer. I am also a qualified chartered accountant.

Petra Groot - Membership Secretary (shared role)

Malcolm Hill - Chair

Malcolm started dancing when he was ten years old. He worked his way through the medal test system and started competing, winning and becoming a regular finalist in competitions he attended. He found his passion for teaching at an early age and at 16 decided to start training for his professional qualifications. Malcolm is now a Fellow and Examiner of the ISTD and a committee member of the Modern Ballroom faculty. 

Louise Hunt - Vice Chair

I started dancing at the dance school Brighton Dancing in 2008 for fun, within weeks I was totally addicted! By 2010 I was assisting in many classes and began teaching Salsa quite quickly afterwards and then moved onto teaching Ballroom and Latin as well. I was lucky to meet my life and dance partner through dance. We started competing in 2016 at the PJT, we compete in Latin and are enjoying our achievements. In 2017 I created a dance class called Latino Solo and enjoy hosting, teaching and dj-ing at various dance events around the country.  

Pete Meager - Publicity Secretary

I have been part of the Same Sex dance scene for a relatively short time compared to most, but have been an avid social dancer since early 2015 and spent a year and a half competing at European Championships through 2016/17. I am an active member of various sport organisations within the LGBT+ community, currently Publicity Secretary for the UKSSDC, Public Relations Officer for Out For Sport London, Co-Founder and International Public Relations for NOSSDA and Public Relations Manager for Gay Games 10 – Paris 2018. I am currently training through the ISTD with a view to compete again in 2020 as well as undertake the Associate Teachers qualification. The most important aspect of dance is to enjoy it – and enjoy it I do! I love to embrace new-comers to the dance floor and have very much thrown myself into what has become a massive part of my life.

David Smith - Membership Secretary (shared role)

I have been part of the Same Sex dance scene for 6 years and together with my dance partner Alan Wake we are the reigning Senior 2 world champions in Standard, Latin American and 10 dance. I used to compete with a female partner up to 1984 and together we won several trophies in both standard and Latin. I stopped dancing then only picking up the occasional social tea dance at the old LLGC and various other venues but I was unaware of the same sex competitive scene until I found La Danza in Holloway and the Pink jukebox and that propelled me back into the competitive arena. I am currently Vice Chair and Website secretary for the UKSSDC. Together with my dance partner Alan Wake we are to found in many competitions both here in the UK and abroad.

Joanne Williams - General Secretary

I started ballroom dancing seven years ago and have been competing in same-sex competitions for three years. I met my dance partner on the social same-sex dancing circuit and we began with the Fun Competition, before entering and winning the Starters category at the Pink Jukebox Trophy. After that we were hooked and have continued competing in the UK and in Europe since. I began as a follower, but now we swap leads throughout. I am the newest member of the UKSSDC committee, joining in April 2017

Tom Wohlfahrt - General Committee Member

I am a professionally trained Contemporary Dancer, Choreographer and Artistic Director of Contemporary Dance Company RARE SALT. Since my childhood in Germany, I have been dancing Latin and Ballroom at competitions at an International Level representing countries at both World and European Championships. Currently, I am teaching various dance styles on a daily basis to all levels, but I am very engaged to focus on Equality Dance and widen the perspective on it throughout the coming years. Furthermore, I am currently in a long term dance partnership with my life partner Jo Baiao in order to explore the world of dance in the queer community and find ways to support it. I consider myself a Queer Artist and Activist. I joined the UKSSDC Committee as a Creative.