About the UKSSDC

The United Kingdom Same Sex Dance Council (UKSSDC) was first founded in May 2006. The primary aim of the Council is to represent the interests of same-sex dancers in the UK, as well as their trainers, the adjudicators, and competition organisers on a worldwide basis. This has included setting out the framework of rules for Same-Sex competitions, which are currently adopted by the Pink Jukebox Trophy; the UK's main same-sex dance competition held each February in London.

Today, the Council continues its campaign to increase the awareness of and participation in same-sex dance competitions. This includes offering a network of advice, providing a directory of all of the same-sex competitions, as well as offering a partner search facility so that anyone who wishes to begin their journey in same-sex competitive dancing.


PDF icon UKSSDC Constitution.pdf PDF icon UKSSDC BYELAWS -as of 17th April 2016.pdf